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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Indigenous youth age 15-30 in the areas of sport, education, and culture. 

Please follow our social media pages for bursary announcements.

What do I need to submit for proof of Indigenous ancestry?

A status (treaty) card, a Metis card, or a letter from your band that shows your proof of status.

What is the bursary amount?

Bursaries are $250, unless otherwise stated on our social media posts.

Is it for Canadian residents only?

Yes, all applicants must be Canadian residents to apply. If a Canadian student is studying abroad, they are still welcome to apply. If selected, payment can only be sent to a Canadian address.

What is the age requirement?

Applicants must be age 15-30 by the day of the deadline. We are very strict with age requirements.

If I am selected once, can I apply again?

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to award more than one bursary to an individual. 

When is the best time to apply?

It is best to apply right after we announce the opportunity and deadline on our social media pages (Instagram and Facebook). Unfortunately if you submit an application during any other time of the year, it will not be considered.

What qualifies as cultural funds?

Cultural funds would include things like regalia making and youth cultural programming. 

Will I be contacted whether or not I am selected?

Only bursary winners will be contacted up to 3 weeks after the deadline.

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